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Name : Muhammad Syafi'i Antonio, M.Ec

Place Or Birth : Sukabumi, West Java

Date Of Birth : May 12, 1967 Martial

Status : Married

Address : Crown Palace Business Park, Jalan Prof. Dr Soepomo 231, Tebet, Jakarta 12870, Indonesia, Phone (62-21) 83783638 fax, 83783878.

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Formal Education

2000 - 2004 PhD in Micro Finance, University of Melbourne Australia.

This study analyses the emergence and development of Islamic banking Industry in Indonesia, with special attention to its role in advancing alternative schemes of finance to small and micro enterprises. The study also discusses the debate on the issue of rib? among leaders of Islamic organizations as well as the financial consequence of Islamic bank operates under interest-based monetary system. The study adopts a combination of a critical explorative method and a comparative case study. 

1990 – 1992 Earned Master of Economics Degree from International Islamic University (IIU), Kuala Lumpur Malaysia under IIU Scholarship Program. Final Paper: The Question of Islamic Banking in Indonesia; Problems and Prospects
It identifies the social and political factors responsible for the late coming of Islamic banks and financial institutions in Indonesia. The paper also discussed attempts to promote the alternatives of interest based system in the form of cooperatives, rural banks, pilgrimage fund and commercial bank..